Showing how far we’ve come since Sir Ken Robinson gave his inspiring 2006 TED talk (one of the original six) on creativity, human intelligence and the state of education, writer Viktor Venson highlights the innovative efforts of TED-EdBreakerStanford d.schoolDesign for AmericaCode AcademyImagine K-12 and others in his GOOD Best of 2012 round-up of the visionaries and organizations whose “ideas and efforts are changing the educational landscape.” (Caine’s Arcade and Imagination Foundation get a mention in the ‘Creativity and STEAM’ category.)

Venson writes:

“In 2006, Sir Ken Robinson took the TED stage and delivered what is now the most viewed TED talk of all times. With wit and humor, and in less than 20 minutes, he dissected the modern educational structure, and asked a question few have dared to ask: Are schools killing our dreams? He argued that creativity needs to be instilled in education, and with that, sparked a movement. The talk sent ripples through out the world, inspired millions of people, and started a new conversation around what education ought to be.

Four years later, he returned to the TED stage, this time with a new question around human potential. It’s become very clear that creativity, imagination, and the nurturing of dreams are what education is meant to be.

As we’re nearing the year’s end, let us celebrate the visions, organizations, schools, and people who are on a mission to update our educational architectures. Here are the best educational efforts of 2012 that bring us leaps closer to realizing that full human potential:”

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January 24, 2013 at 1:24pm