A Way to Re-Imagine Learning for the 21st Century


Building from the success of the Global Cardboard Challenge, Creativity Chapters launched in 2014 to foster creativity and entrepreneurship in children through Creative Play. Today, there are over 150 Chapters across 20 countries. Take a look at some of our Chapters in action and fill out the Chapter Leader Application Form .







Chapters are community organized and volunteer led. They are designed to engage children, PreK through high school, in learning the skills and attitudes they need to be problem solvers and innovators. Chapter Leaders come from all walks of life, and Chapters take place in schools, libraries, community centers and homes. As a Chapter Leader, you don’t require any specialized skills or equipment, only a playful attitude and willingness to connect with other likeminded leaders across a vast global network.

How a Creativity Chapter Works



Chapters are pop-up learning spaces that foster creativity, entrepreneurship and 21st century skills through Creative Play. They use a range of tools and materials, from cardboard to advanced electronics, and can launch anywhere, including in schools, libraries and community centers.


Children from Pre-K through high school gather weekly in places like homes, classrooms, parks and other spaces. Sessions are facilitated by adult volunteers from all walks of life.


 During the meet-up, children make something using available resources. Projects are as diverse as a child’s imagination. This is the time to tinker, play around, experiment, mess-up and try again.



Children share their creations in a meaningful public context -with parents, friends, their local community or online. The point of sharing is to see that their creations have value to others.

Learning Through Creative Play


Chapters use Creative Play to develop the natural powers of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation that all children possess. Chapter activities can focus on numerous themes, subjects or content standards (such as Next Generation Science Standards). The most engaging projects spark from a child’s interests. Simple projects may take two hours to complete; others may take weeks. As projects become more advanced, kids will tackle real-world issues. They’ll even kickstart business and social ventures.





21st Century Innovators & Problem Solvers


Through Chapters, children learn critical 21st century skills that will help them become optimistic, agile and creative problem solvers in school, work and life.







 Anyone Can Lead a Chapter


Educators, parents, community leaders from all walks of life! If you’re ready to help unleash the creative genius of the kids in your community, we want to hear from you. The application process is now open! Let us know you are interested by emailing chapters@imagination.org.





What You’ll Get


As a Chapter Leader, you’ll receive resources and support from Team Imagination. And you’ll also participate in a highly sociable network of fellow Chapter Leaders from all over the world, sharing ideas, activities, projects and inspiration.


Below are some of the materials and support we provide:

—Creativity Chapter Toolkit

—Playbooks and Toolkits for various Creativity Campaigns and Challenges (like the Inventor’s Challenge)

—Logistical support for running your Chapter

—Project and lesson ideas, activities and curriculum, and training in Creative Play

—Group video hangouts & workshops from experts across multiple subjects

—One-on-one coaching

—Demonstrations and tutorials on new products, tools and toys

—Promotion through our newsletter, website, partners and more!


When resources allow, we provide special tools and products too. Below are a few of the tools we have provided in the past:


—Special connectors and building tools such as those by Makedo

—Microprocessors and “inventor’s kits” by partners like SparkFun

—Circuits, motors and switches by friends like LittleBits

—Science kits like those provided by our partners at Google’s Making & Science Initiative



Sound Great? Here’s What’s Next.


1. Read our Chapters Frequently Asked Questions

2. Apply today by filling out the Chapter Leader Application


Thank you for your interest. Please stay in touch via our Imagination mailing list and find us on Facebook and @imagination.