calling all inventors!

We are proud to launch our second annual “Inventor’s Challenge” with our partners at AT&T Aspire!

Activities kick off today and conclude on February 24, 2017 [extended to March 1, 2017]. The goal is simple: kids are encouraged to make something original, cool, useful, maybe even wacky… but the point is to invent something that solves a problem in their schools or communities.

To enter the Challenge, register here and then download the Playbook. Keep in mind that this Playbook is a work in progress. We hope it’s useful to you, but we are eager for your input to help make the Playbook and the Challenge better and better each year.

What will you Invent?

We want kids to take whatever resources they have and make something that solves a problem in their schools and communities. Get out there and make something! And don’t forget to share it online using #inventorschallenge and #ATTimpact. For a chance at winning prizes, we invite you to upload an original video of a creative kid (or creative kids) showcasing an invention. Upload the video to YouTube and send us the link at When sending us the link to your video, please do so from the same email address you used to register at

By entering the Contest, you certify that you are the parent/guardian of child pictured and/or are authorized to submit the video.

Also, below is some technical and legal information for the Challenge. Please take a look:

  • Register your challenge at (you must be registered to be eligible, but you only need to register one time, even if your challenge consists of many participants and/or inventions)
  • Adults should register on behalf of the minors (an adult only needs to register once, even if on behalf of multiple children)
  • Choose one invention to showcase in a single video
  • Tips on what children should include in the video:
    • What’s the name of your invention?
    • What problem does it solve?
    • What does it do?
    • What inspired you to create your invention?
    • Who does your invention help?
    • Did you run into any challenges? How did you overcome them?
    • Share your ideas, sketches, and prototypes.
  • Recommended length: 3 minutes or less (but whatever it takes to realize your artistic vision!)
  • Set the video in a quiet location with good lighting and a non-distracting background
  • Mention the Inventor’s Challenge, Imagination Foundation and AT&T Aspire in your video
  • Upload the video to YouTube and send an email to with “2017 Inventor’s Challenge Contest Submission” in the subject line with a link to your video on YouTube by 11:59 pm PST on Friday, February 24, 2017 [extended to March 1, 2017]
  • When corresponding with us please use the same email address that you registered at (you must be registered to be eligible)
  • In the YouTube description section, include a short blurb about your invention, please mention Imagination Foundation, AT&T Aspire and include the URL (You can also include links to blog posts, your organization’s website/facebook, etc. in this section)
  • Video must be your own original work


This Contest is sponsored by Imagination Foundation (P.O. Box 861755, Los Angeles, CA 90086), in collaboration with AT&T Aspire. The Contest is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, administered by, or associated with, YouTube or any other social media company.

Entry Period

The Contest begins at 12:00am PST on January 23, 2017 and ends at 11:59pm PST on February 24, 2017 (the “Entry Period”) [extended to March 1, 2017]. Entries submitted before or after the Entry Period will not be eligible.

How to Enter

All videos must be uploaded to YouTube. Officially enter the contest by sending an email to with “2017 Inventor’s Challenge Contest Submission” in the subject line with a link to your video on YouTube by 11:59 pm PST on Friday, February 24, 2017 [extended to March 1, 2017]. When sending the link to your video, you must do so from the same email address you used to register at

You may enter an unlimited number of times, but you may not use an agency or automated system to enter. Imagination Foundation reserves the right to reject any additional entries or entries that do not comply with these Official Rules. By entering, you indicate your unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of, these Official Rules and Imagination Foundation’s decisions, which are final and binding. You cannot win a prize unless you comply with all requirements in these Official Rules.


Videos will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality:  Entries must give an indication of being one-of-a-kind, new, fresh in some demonstrable way. They may draw inspiration or derive from objects that already exist; but they would be an iteration or improvement that is unique.
  • Inspiration Powered by a Desire to Serve Others:  Entries should be clearly inspired by an interest in solving a problem identified locally or in one’s immediate community.  Judges will look for inventions that demonstrate the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  The intent behind the design and the benefit of using the invention should be detailed in the video.
  • Creativity of Design and Presentation:  Overall, your invention should be unique, clever, useful, well-designed, and smartly presented.  Rehearse and possibly even script your presentation in order to make your video clear and engaging.  The video will be included in the judging process, so practice and make sure it is a creative,  accurate reflection of your amazing invention.

Judging will be conducted by Imagination Foundation and AT&T. Judges will evaluate all valid entries and pick a first place winner in four different age-categories:

  • Thomas Edison Prize (Grades PreK – 2)
  • Alexander Graham Bell Prize (Grades 3 – 5)
  • Nikola Tesla Prize (Grades 6 – 8)
  • Leonardo Da Vinci Prize (Grades 9 – 12)

Additional questions? Email for answers.

Good luck and happy inventing!