Yahoo!’s Year in Review features ‘Caine’s Arcade’ in its Most Inspiring and Astounding Moments of 2012. As most of you know, three days after ‘Caine’s Arcade’ was posted, the Imagination Foundation was established to help foster creativity and entrepreurship in more kids like Caine.


You’ll catch Caine and the flash mob (at 1:45) tucked among amazing feats of bravery, activism and humanity: animal rescues, dare-devil stunts, the landing of Mars Curiosity, Hurricane Sandy volunteers and lots more.  I won’t ruin the rest video for you, but we are honored to be included in Yahoo’s retrospective and can verify that, thanks to everybody’s support, it’s been a truly astounding year for Caine, Nirvan and all of us at the Imagination Foundation.

December 05, 2012 at 4:55pm