We’ve been so busy setting things up to post news, but so much has happened!

Our launch video passed 1 Million Views! Coolest part of that was we got a tweet from the Mars Rover!

We have over 250 Cardboard Challenge events registered in 40 Countries, and some super amazing organizers putting together incredible events.

A few have already happened, some are happening tomorrow, and most will happen Saturday.

Some videos

In New Jersey, 8 year old Jake built 10 games, but only his dad had RSVP’s. Facebook got involved, hundreds shared, and a local reporter did a story on Jake. Hoping some customers are going to show up to make Caine’s day.

There are events in Sri Lanka, Ghana, Uganda, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Finland, Iceland, Ghana, Mexico, Costa Rica, and all across America. Visiting the map, and clicking on some of the various events, it is so inspiring to see so many communities organizing events to foster and celebrate creative kids in their communities.

In Los Angeles, there are a dozen different events, from the Skirball to a Cub Scout troop, to Iradescent, to Zyg’s Arcade, and of course, our flagship event at Caine’s Arcade.

We’ve been getting donated prizes and art supplies from Blick, Crayola, and Mattel, donated Banners, donated food… David Choe has been coming by to paint some cardboard graffiti with Caine as part of the art show, and the Santa Monica Youth Orchestra has been making their own musical instruments out of cardboard and palmfronds. Today the Mayor of Los Angeles even RSVP’d. We also got a nice tweet from US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, as well as MTV, Crayola, PBS Kids, Take Part, Kaboom, DIY, and so many more.

We are so appreciative of the thousands of volunteers helping to put this together, and so inspired by all of the creativity we are seeing. Right now, there are parents, kids, and educators collecting cardboard around the world and getting ready to build and play on Saturday.

I can’t wait to see what we make together. Time to get a few hours of sleep…


October 06, 2012 at 12:58am