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A few of our favorite press quotes about ‘Caine’s Arcade’ and the Imagination Foundation

“The kids who are building and sharing their own cardboard creations can instantly see themselves as part of a real movement.”

~MacArthur Foundation

“The film recalls universal threads of a great American story: ingenuity, hard work, goodwill, community…”

~Christian Science Monitor

“…A stunning portrayal of a young entrepreneur in action.”


“It’s amazing what our children can do when we let them think for themselves… It’s retro and counter-intuitive, in an era of Tiger Moms and competitive nursery schools…”

~Los Angeles Times

“The simple description is “a 9-year-old boy builds an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto part store and has the best day of his life…The bigger picture is why discovery and amplification are two of the most intriguing elements of social web.”

~Huffington Post

“It’s a sweet story that brings viewers back to a time of potent imagination and creativity.”


“It’s not a stretch to say that ‘Caine’s Arcade’ makes a convincing case for ‘connected learning,’ a model that embraces social media as a way for kids to link up with peers and mentors—a kind of crowdsourced education.”

~New Yorker

“Caine is an inspiration for entrepreneurs.”

~The Washington Post

“Caine’s story proves that sometimes if you build it—no matter how improbable or crazy or unrealistic it might seem—they actually will come. And that is something worth celebrating… It’s a powerful statement about what the Web and social tools can do… I think we are only beginning to see the potential of that ecosystem.”

~Bloomberg Businessweek

“I think of the simple, beautiful kindnesses it [the Internet] has also enabled…It’s things like the Imagination Foundation…”

~The Telegraph

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