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This video reminded the world that #playmatters.

What to say when your child asks ‘Why is there a moon?”

#reggioemilia #IDEAconf15

The movie that launched a movement.*

* April 9, 2015 marked the 3-year anniversary of ‘Caine’s Arcade’ debuting online.

Advice from a Jake Andraka’s mom on how she raised her two kids to be innovative and creative thinkers.

via TEDBlog

A thoughtful review of Sir Ken Robinson’s new book “Creative Schools.”

via The Guardian

Excerpt: “The best place to start thinking about how to change education is exactly where you are in it…The emphasis on testing comes at the expense of teaching children how to employ their natural creativity and entrepreneurial talents – the precise talents that might insulate them against the unpredictability of the future in all parts of the world.”

Why playing music is a full-brain workout.

#STEAM via Brainpickings

LEGO Foundation made this beautiful video about us.

#play2learn #cardboardchallenge


Photo via irisapfelmovie

Lessons in creativity from 93-year-old Iris Apfel, fashion icon and walking work of art (and star of the new Albert Maysles documentary, “Iris”).

And now, experience…Westport Imagination Chapter‘s Puppet Parade at Westport Mini Maker Faire.


Ever wonder where good ideas come from?

via RSAAnimates

Best way to unleash kids’ creativity? Build an awesome community!
Inside our Cherry Creek Imagination Chapter.

Read the Story.

100dayofmakingWhat could you do with 100 days of making? #The100DayProject.

Give your brain a break (or nine).

via Edutopia

The friendliest takeover everchapters_schaefer_littlebits_600px.
Brought to you by Schaefer Imagination Chapter.

Can you trust your ears?

#STEM via ASAPScience

Tim Wujec (of Marshmallow Challenge fame) challenges you to draw some toast.

#systemsthinking #wickedproblems via TED

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