The megalodon of Boyle Heights!

Sixty-foot cardboard megalodon at the 1st Annual ‘Boyle Heights History Hike‘ masterminded by the 4th and 5th Graders of Extera. Photo by Lowell Bernstein. #ImaginationMadeThis


All over the world, people are using creativity and imagination to transform their communities, which is why we’re launching the ‘Imagination Made This’ campaign. From June 17 to July 17, we want all of YOU to take a photo of something you love about your city or neighborhood (something creative, special and unique) and share it with the world via Instagram. Make sure to include a caption and the #ImaginationMadeThis hashtag with your photo. [Yes, guilty of yet another long hashtag!] We’ll collect our favorites and share them at the end of the project. Invite your friends to join in and let’s celebrate the creativity and imagination that has gone into building and transforming cities around the world!