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In 2013, over 90,000 participants joined our signature project, the Global Cardboard Challenge. These last few months, the team at the Imagination Foundation wanted to get a little better acquainted with some of them.

As we did, we uncovered stories that are inspiring, surprising, even extraordinary. Everyday people doing amazing things using the power of Creative Play. And that’s the stuff of The Storybook.

The Storybook is the soul of our new website. It’s a collection of stories about inspiring kids, schools, companies and community leaders who use imagination and play to tackle real life challenges. Teachers, business leaders, volunteers and everyday heroes who recognize the power of Creative Play to change circumstances and build a better world.

Our first handful of stories will take you around the world from Baltimore to Bosnia to showcase a few of the communities we met through the Global Cardboard Challenge. Matea Peric, for example, from Mostar, Bosnia who organized a Cardboard Challenge in the town square as a bold and imaginative step in repairing ethnic division. Or a veterans’ organization in East Baltimore that’s rebuilding the Oliver neighborhood by transforming vacant lots into spaces for play. Or a new movement among teachers that proclaims every child can be a genius if you just give them the keys to their own learning.

Our goal is to introduce to you a new story every two weeks, and along with it, a few resources to help you dig deeper and maybe even start your own extraordinary project. You can read the stories here. And if you haven’t already signed up to receive some bi-weekly inspiration, please do!

Read. Get Inspired. Do Something Awesome.

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