Flier for Imagination Educator Salon with Leslie Aaronson
We are excited to invite you to our December Imagination Educator Salon with Leslie Aaronson, LAUSD’s 2012 Teacher of the Year and Lead Teacher at Foshay Tech Academy here in Los Angeles. Leslie’s talk is entitled “Future-Ready: Preparing Kids to Solve Problems that Don’t Yet Exist.” She will share tips on how to help kids learn through creative inquiry, solving real-world problems and more! Q & A to follow. Please join us on Wednesday, December 4th from 6:00 – 8:00pm.

RSVP at: https://imagination-ed-salon-dec.eventbrite.com to reserve your spot.

About our Speaker:

Leslie became a teacher in 2003, when she left her job as Production Manager for Blues Clue’s International at Nickelodeon in New York to move to her hometown of Los Angeles. In 2012, Leslie was awarded Teacher of the Year from LAUSD for her work as the Lead Teacher and Coordinator of Foshay Learning Center’s Technology Academy. She is also the WASC Coordinator and Lead Teacher for the High School. Read more here: www.leslieaaronson.com. Special thanks to the HUB LA for generously hosting our December Educator Salon!