A 5-Day Design Process Project in Bogota, Colombia

Last month, 9th graders at Colegio Nueva Granada in Bogota, Colombia created cardboard arcade games for other classes to play as part of a five-day design process project. These kids explored and built what they imagined proving that you don’t have to be a designer at Apple or a student at Stanford d.school to start thinking like one. Their teacher Shawntel Eggers Allen shares some notes about the design process and their curriculum below.

(Photo: Shawntel Eggers Allen)

(Photo: Shawntel Eggers Allen)

The Basics:

HI! This was a design process project. Students brainstormed and researched 1 day (=80 minutes), sketched and prototyped 1 day, tested and got feedback on prototypes 1 day, built final products and delivered 1 day, returned for feedback and then evaluated their process 1 day. Each group chose a “target group”…any grade from K-12 and made their game for that classroom (teachers offered to “host” the games in their rooms). In all, 57 games were made and delivered. All were played for at least 2 weeks in the classroom…some are still there because kids enjoyed them so much.”

Hope this helps! The students had a blast…but also realized that it’s harder than it looks!!”


I think that this would be adaptable and doable with grades 4-HS. I’ve taught all those grades and I would totally do it with any of them.”

My students finished and then wanted to start the process again because they had ideas on how to improve their games or make new ones. The light really clicked on because of following all the steps in the design process. Plus they became really invested in people liking their game. They would even go hang out in the classroom that housed their game during breaks and lunches and play with the other kids and the game (mostly younger). It was a community building activity…and that was not an intended consequence.”

Download the Curriculum

5 Day Design Process Project by Shawntel Eggers Allen [pdf]