Caine and Nirvan teamed up to give a joint-presentation @TEDxSantaMonica this past Saturday, Dec 8th, 2012. The theme was ‘The Game of Life: What You Don’t Learn in School.’ After screening & presenting their story, Caine & Nirvan received a standing ovation, with the audience spontaneously chanting “We came to play!”

Caine and Nirvan of Imagination Foundation at TEDxSantaMonica

During their ‘sit-down’ with TEDx moderator Ian Murphy, Caine and Nirvan discussed Caine’s Arcade, the Global Cardboard Challenge and the launch of the Imagination Foundation, and Caine shared his “5 Lessons Learned” (written on the back of an Air France barf bag):

5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs:

1. Be nice to customers.
2. Do a business that is fun.
3. Do not give up.
4. Start with what you have.
5. Use recycled stuff.

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To learn about the evolution of TED and TEDx, check out this WIRED article: The Big McThink!  How TED Became A Consumer Franchise.  It offers a look into how TED went from being an elite gathering in Monterey, CA into a multi-city, multi-town effort to spread big ideas through local communities, and reminds us how a good story can catalyze great things.

December 10, 2012 at 11:57am